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Holey Stones

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About the Artist

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The Story of the
Three Dresses


Wearable Art Page


Belts... which are also sort of Skirts...



...for the procession of Fantastical Characters marching off-road

through Lands of Myth and Imagination...







make sense
as a natural extension

of the Dollmaker's typical

 Streaming Style...






One of a Kind Art-cycled Wearables 

sometimes starting with an ordinary pair of pants or shorts

 colorful fabrics and trims, rings, chains, fringe and even small purses can be added



The Stream

Wall Art from 2016



 "Cool Clothing Conversions"














could  mainstream

as Bridal Attire...




or could even work as...

dare the Dollmaker suggest... Lingerie!







and Faery Wrapsodies...


many in "Plus Sizes"...

the "Sometimes Steampunk" Blue-Jeans Style...

the "Honeymoon on Neptune" formerly known as "The Accidental Bride"


and beyond that, it's just "Uncharted Waters", folks...


For example: This Special Order

 Dog Handler's Beltskirt!

...featuring five original pockets and two pouches

for carrying doggie treats and a doggie comb out into the Dog Show Arena.

(here Susan is trying it on for the final fitting... she will be wearing it with a black skirt or black pants and boots for the Dog Show)




Practical Fantasies

...for people who bridge Worlds.







Baby Bird Video

The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat


The Story of
Lady Nevermind



Follow Your Bliss

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About the Artist




512-332-6680    cell phone

Smithville, TX  78957


Art using Recycled Materials


Steampunk Page



"like music drifting through the air-
invisible but everywhere" 

-Jack Skellington


 In October and November

Check out the

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Shoppe #145






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Stacking Stones



Holey Stones

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Cheshire Cat




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Bev Taylor
Woodworker Extraordinaire



The story of
Vasilisa the Brave


The Bogman Coat


Sacred Datura

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