The Wee Peeple Newsletter

March  2013                   Issue  73




The Planting


From Grass to Gardens

the biggest garden the Dollmaker has ever attempted:

The front yard.

Awesome Brothers, Lance and Derrick, helped the Dollmaker till the land and

build The West Garden Gate and the South Garden Gate

 The Cindys... Wexler and  Meredith visited the Dollmaker

 and gave her hundreds of seeds to plant!


And then... while innocently passing a nursery along the highway, she heard them...

calling to her like Sirens as she was driving to Austin...  the Dollmaker stopped and

two enormous Passion Vines jumped into her van, drove back to the garden,

 sprung out onto the arbors and started blooming like mad.

The Peach House Gardens are already flourishing as well!

Blueberry flowers, Petunias (which never died over the winter), Poppies (from seeds!),

volunteer Albino Bluebonnets, Dianthus (also wintered over) with onions, and Crape Myrtle

just to mention a few...




Sometimes we need to....


of small romantically-inclined forest animals wearing clothes 

who wander up close in broad daylight!

(Ha! ...we know he says those things to all the girls!)


What Pirate Treasure?

After (or was it "before") a few glasses of "Cider"... Larry and the Dollmaker

lost all their other friends in the forest...

...nor were they able to remember the location of any "Pirate Treasure"...


oh well... as the Dollmaker always says: When in doubt, buy a hat.


 Swan Lake Clothier (Kathy Drake)

Sherwood Forest Faire:



Now already visible from the DreamTime...


This is NOT

the sign

you will see...


That's right, folks...

Shoppe #158 is not just a Doll Gallerie anymore!

Imagine a Magical Variety Shoppe

where, mixed in amongst the Doll Population,

are these antique-looking fabulous steampunkish

Maps of Nether Worlds and sometimes even Familiar Worlds

 which can also be special ordered to depict your own

  real or fantasy land masses, oceans and continents...

Remember the location of Your "Pirate Treasure"!


Another Other-Worldly Artist has joined up with Wee Peeple!

He goes by the name of "Q"

and matches the Dollmaker in sheer-cliff all-holds-barred Creativity

He also knows how to elegantly transform your

plain Important Documents, Stories, Precious Drawings and Photographs

into Beautiful Scrolls!



Wait till you meet him!

You will love this guy!

Appropriately re-named this season, shoppe #158 is now simply called:






Ahoy! Wee Peeple Mermaid Dolls commissioned for the Gift Shoppe at the new

Mermaid Pools

at Scarborough Faire!


And these (fancier) Wee Peeple Mermaid Dolls will be at AMAZING!

(Shoppe #158)

Opening Day: Saturday April 6th

Closing Day: Memorial Day Monday... May 27th


 8 Weekends, folks, Plenty of Time to plan...

Meanwhile, those rebellious Rock Peeple have formed their own society

calling themselves

Stubborn, Opinionated, Hard-nosed, and Meddling!

And ROCKing on! Find them Outcropping at Scarborough Faire!




 Patricia Vader

Martinez artist who makes Wind Art 

incorporating old bike parts and other found objects



Theo Jansen is

the guy who makes those fascinating

Wind-Powered Beach Walkers out of PVC pipe



 The Dollmaker is planning a few Wind Sculptures of her own,

for her new garden space....


More links to Cool Wind Sculptures

Spinning leaves:

Wire Nautilus:



Now then...

It's been SIX Years!

to the

Wee Peeple Newsletter!

This is the 6th Anniversary Issue!






Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker

512-332-6680    cell phone

PO Box 326
Smithville, TX  78957





April 6  to  May 27

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

at Scarborough Faire 

is now called:

yes, "Amazing"

Shoppe # 158


In October and November: the

Shoppe #145





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