The Dollmaker draws Inspiration from

Arbors, Archways, and Trellises

photo by Joe Mabel

Flowery arches and Grape-viney GateWays

are all that stand between 

a curious doll and the irresistible Unknown!

 Dolls sense the magic in a Threshold...

Adventurous Dolls Challenged by Decorated Arbors

We know that Dolls cannot resist crossing a THRESHOLD...

Especially when that Threshold opens up into Magical Provinces populated by

laws-of-physics-bending fantastical and often dangerous characters

who mean Trouble with a Capitol T, cannot be stopped or damaged,

and would eventually cause the Jolly Adventure to become fraught with every

 imaginable conflict, but the Adventurous Dolls can always escape because:

(hee hee) The Supernatural Troublemakers cannot follow

when Dolls come back across a Lovingly Decorated Threshold!

Transform any Mundane Environment into a Magical Portal Location!

 Wee Arbors


Some Dolls Need Arbors...

Some Dolls Need Shrines...

Some Dolls Need Stages....

And Really...

Some Dolls just need Thrones.


the Luxurious BeadHead Dolls

 Love to sit on Thrones and let their hair cascade gloriously around them

in undulating waves of Colorful Yarn

after a hard day at work decorating someone's outfit.



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