The MiniWee Dolls

Small and cute.




Did you know that the first Mini-Wee Dolls started out as CANDLES!

It's true!

One day Beverly Taylor, Woodworker Extraordinaire, asked the Lady Kandra if she would like some wooden candles made for the Wee Peeple Dolls to hold.

"Oh, splendid! Made of WOOD! Hmm, yes, much better than using real candles..." The Lady Kandra thought to herself- this way nobody will light them. If we use real candles somebody might think it's okay to light them, since the dollmaker put them there.

So it was agreed and Bev set out to make the wooden candles- but when they came in the mail the little wooden candles turned out to be too big for the Wee Peeple to hold.

Still, the little wooden candles were so cute! And the Lady Kandra left them out where she could see them.

Not too long after that, the Lady Kandra was musing upon some ideas for a small doll- a doll under six inches tall, and she was casting around for something to use as the base or armature for these new smaller dolls...

Suddenly she saw the little wooden candles.


And the Lady Kandra knew she had her new doll body.

She called Bev and asked that the candle "flame" be rounded off into a head, and the "wick" carved in more to make a neck, and asked her to figure out how to make the base wider. All these things Bev did.


When the Lady Kandra got the new wooden doll bodies in the mail, she was beside herself with glee. She started making dolls out of them, and she couldn't stop.

Night and day she just kept on  and on making more and more of these fun little dolls. She loved their small size and she loved making eyelashes and she loved how floofy and silly and fun and fast and easy they were to make and to handle.

The Lady Kandra was like a woman possessed. She went on shopping sprees buying floofy things like crazy to add to the dolls. Hair ties made of cut ribbon looked like doll dresses to her! Fancy furry fabrics looked like coats; flowers and acorn husks became hats to fit on their heads!

Bev had sent 50 doll bodies with 50 stands, and the Lady Kandra made so many dolls she had to re-order doll bodies and stands from Bev in only two weeks time!

         Bev started calling them the Mini-Wees, since they were a mini version of the Wee Peeple Dolls, and the name stuck.


So, the first Mini-Wees did not have arms. They used to fit real good into pouches, but now that they have arms they can hold things themselves, like bunches of flowers and such, so they never fit into pouches anymore!


But they do enjoy a good parade, especially riding on Duck Floats.